Sunday, November 26, 2023

“Be the Change, Be an Organ Donor”

Sunday 26th November.2023 at 16:10

Mission gets enthusiastic response at Chandigarh Carnival 2023

: 26th November 2023: (Kartika Kalyani Singh//Health and Fitness Screen)::

ROTTO PGIMER’s Infotainment Campaign on Organ Donation “ Be the Change, Be an Organ Donor ” struck a chord with visitors and gets enthusiastic response at Chandigarh Administration’s prestigious mega event  Chandigarh Carnival 2023 .

The campaign geared up to generate awareness about the noble cause of organ donation and thereby save precious lives, otherwise being lost due to shortage of transplantable organs, concluded on a good note with over 1200 reached out directly and counselled about the cause through the three day event at Leisure Valley, Sector 10, on Sunday.

“At least this way, we will be able to save some lives, which will never be possible otherwise.” This was the common sentiment expressed by the visitors at the stall as they were scanning QR code on their mobiles to pledge for organ donation and happily posing for pictures with their donor certificates on the mobile phones.

Through the campaign, ROTTO PGIMER ensured that there is rich mix of fun filled activities like street play, slogan writing, graffiti and signature campaign, quiz competition along with some live music and impromptu dancing, peppered with information so as to engage with maximum number of visitors and make them aware about the cause of Organ Donation subtly by making it perceived as a ‘normal thing’.”

A huge crowd was seen at ROTTO PGIMER’s stall every time the artists from Utsav Kala Manch presented street play on the theme of organ donation, with the background score of dafli adding more zeal to the performance. It was all the more fun as every performance of the play ended with some singing and dancing with even onlookers joining to the foot tapping music.

Lauding Chandigarh Administration for their whole-hearted support to the cause and pleased with the success of the initiative for the fourth year successively, Prof. Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER stated “Every year, the response has been better than the previous year. But this year, we have seen a striking difference. Most of the people who pledged for organ donation already knew about the concept either through media or through some awareness programme. In fact, they were looking for an opportunity to express their wish, which they rightly got at ROTTO PGIMER’s stall.”

“Awareness generation is a first step towards that attitudinal change. So tapping the opportunities like this one helps connecting with the community and talk about this serious subject of organ donation like any other routine conversation, thereby, demystifying many myths about the cause,” reiterated Prof. Koushal.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

The India Research Excellence – Citation Awards 2023 goes to PGI, Chandigarh

PGI again Stand Out with its Excellence in Medical Edu & Research 

Prof. Vivek Lal, Director, PGIMER

 Chandigarh: 30th September, 2023: (Kartika Singh/Punjab Screen)::
Clarivate is a leading global information services provider, announced recipients of The India Research Excellence – Citation Awards 2023, at London. UK. Nine researchers and 11 institutions received this year’s awards for their outstanding contribution to research.

 Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, adjudged as the best in field of medical and health sciences under institutional category. The 2023 awards are based on analysis of publication output during 2017 to 2022.

 Dr. Vivek lal, Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh, while Congratulating  the doctors, scientists and researchers of the institute said that it’s the result of unconditional commitment and dedication of our researchers at the institute. This award will surely uplift everyone’s confidence and our institute will move forward in all the fields thus maintaining the momentum and work culture of PGI.  

The awards are based on deep analysis of data compiled from the Web of Science citation database and InCites Benchmarking & Analytics. A highly cited research publications and a qualitative review of the research output is evaluated by a panel of experts while awarding the recipients.With the trusted content and transformative intelligence, Clarivate is committed to supporting the research community in India to maximize the impact of their research and innovation.

7th PGI Gastrointestinal Emergencies Update, 30th Sep to 2nd October, 2023

Gastrointestinal Emergencies : Translating Evidence into Practice 

Chandigarh: 30th September, 2023: (Kartika Singh/Punjab Screen) :

Prof Usha Dutta, HOD Gastroenterology, PGIMER & Organizing chairperson for this conference 

The Department of Gastroenterology, PGIMER, will be conducting a single theme conference on Gastrointestinal Emergencies between 30th Sep and 2nd October, 2023. This national-level workshop will be attended by faculty and delegates from all over India. The workshop will focus on appropriate and evidence-based management of emergencies related to gastrointestinal and liver diseases.

 Gastrointestinal emergencies are an important cause for morbidity and mortality globally. It has been shown that goal-directed management in the golden early hours of presentation can potentially improve clinical outcomes. Gastrointestinal emergencies include those related to gastrointestinal bleeding, acute pancreatitis, complicated gallbladder disease, complication of liver failure (bleeding, infection, hepatic encephalopathy). Apart from these, the management of patient admitted to intensive care unit will also be in focus. There are sessions such as intestinal obstruction, inability to swallow, severe manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease and foreign body ingestion dedicated to emergencies related to GI tract. Most GI meetings tend to focus on a specific disease and the care of emergencies is often ignored in such meetings. The 7th edition of this program affirms the ongoing interest of the department in reducing the knowledge gap between first contact doctors who manage patients in emergency and experts. 

Dr Usha Datta, Head,deptt  of Gastroenterology along with other faculty members

The chairperson for this conference is Prof Usha Dutta and the chief scientific advisor for this conference is Prof Rakesh Kochhar, the co-organizing secretaries are Dr Anupam Kumar Singh and Dr Vaneet Jearth.  The faculty for this conference includes senior gastroenterologists from across the country who are experts in management of gastroenterological emergencies including Prof DN Reddy, Prof SK Sarin, Dr Mahesh Goenka, Prof Anoop Saraya, Prof Pramod Garg, Dr Ajay Kumar, Prof Sandeep Nijhawan among others. The delegates will be gastroenterologists, trainee gastroenterologists and physicians from across the country.  

There will be a hands-on session on Sep 30, 2023, at Zakir Hall, in which training on various models and practical clinical situations will be imparted to residents. This session is being led by Dr Jayanta Samanta and Dr Harshal Mandavdhare. There will also be special session on advance endoscopy procedures by experts from other institutes. 

Patients with gastrointestinal emergencies are often very sick, need standardized timely approach to improve outcomes. The meet will focus on providing a platform to enable knowledge transfer from experts to residents and trainees, who are often the first contact physician for patients with gastroenterological emergencies.  Rapid advances in this field necessitates that doctors keep themselves abreast with the latest available evidence in the field. The meet will seek to equip the delegates with the current knowledge and proficiency in procedures, which will hopefully translate into better patient outcomes for these conditions. The present meet will also provide an opportunity to update the existing knowledge with recent recommendations and advice provided by the participating experts.

Monday, September 11, 2023

International consultation of Policymakers of 14 countries at PGIMER Chandigarh from tom onwards

5 day Public Health Policy and Management Program at PGIMER Chandigarh

Chandigarh: September 10, 2023: (Kartika Singh/Punjab Screen)::
A 5-Day Public Health Policy and Management Program for Policy Makers of 13 countries will start at PGIMER Chandigarh from 11th to 15th  September 2023. The program will be organized by Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh in which 30 senior-level participants from 14 countries , namely Argentina, Iraq ,Malawi , Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Togo will learn public health policy formulation and implementation which will help them to effectively design policy and programs in their respective countries for achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). This program has trained around 1100 + participants from 85 + countries over the last seven years.

This flagship program in public health has been conducted since last 7 years and has galvanized South- South development cooperation with 161 ITEC countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Pacific and Small Island countries under the ancient Indian philosophy ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ i.e. world is one family said Dr. Sonu Goel, Program Director, and Professor at Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh. 

The program shall be taught by eminent faculty, including Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Former Director, IIHMR, and Chairman of 3 Domain Leadership: Dr. Rakesh Gupta , Additional secretary to President of India; Prof. Mona Gupta, Advisor, Health policy, NHSRC, Prof. Pankaj Bhardwaj, Academic Head and Vice Dean, AIIMS, Jodhpur and Dr. Sonu Goel, Program Director. Besides, there shall be field visits wherein participants visit the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh showcasing India’s “Smart city concept”-Translating policy into action. They shall also be visiting selected departments of PGIMER to witness State of Art patient care services like tele-evidencing, telemedicine, organ donation facility (ROTTO) etc.The entire program will be delivered through various learning methodologies like case studies, management games, quizzes, role plays, videos, mobile applications.

Apart from this, a cultural event is planned on 13th September 2023, where participants can informally interact with each other for peer learning and networking for future endeavors. After the program, they will make an Action Plan for their Country/Institution based upon the learning of program. It will be followed up by the program organizers where they will send Action Plan Implementation Report after 3 months of program. The best country report shall be rewarded by Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

PGIMER Conducts Walkathon on ''World Suicide Prevention Day''

PGIMER shows It's Commitment to Raising Awareness about Mental Health

Chandigarh: September 10, 2023: (Kartika Singh/Punjab Screen)::
On the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day, 10th September, the PGIMER hosted a remarkable mental health awareness run/walkathon. This significant event was organized by the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry, PGIMER, Chandigarh.

The event garnered an overwhelming response, with active participation from residents, faculty, nursing students, staff and their family members, totaling 400 individuals, contributing to its resounding success.

Commencing at 6 AM, the gathering took place at the Kairon block, PGIMER, and Flagged Off by         Prof Vivek Lal, Director, PGIMER. The walkathon spanned approximately 5 kilometers, culminating at Sukhna Lake. At the endpoint, participants were treated to refreshments, certificate distribution, and a poignant skit performed by NINE students. The skit emphasized various factors contributing to suicide and its prevention.

During the event, DPGI Prof Vivek Lal addressed the attendees, highlighting the paramount importance of mental health. He underlined the role of shifting societal values in causing stress and depression and underscored the significance of community efforts in suicide prevention. DPGI Prof Vivek Lal was joined by  Prof Vipin Kaushal, Medical Superintendent,  Mr Gaurav Kumar Dhawan, Deputy Director Admn;  Prof D. Basu, Head, Psychiatry Department and many faculty members who graced the occasion with their presence.

The seamless execution of the event was made possible through the dedicated efforts of Organizing Secretaries from ARD, Dr. Nidhi, Dr. Vipendra, and Dr. Shweta.

This event stands as a testament to PGIMER's commitment to raising awareness about mental health issues and fostering a supportive community to prevent suicide.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

HALE stands for Health And Love for Everyone

 Sunday 18th June 2023 at 19:51 WhatsApp

Introducing Hale Fermented Products: A Refreshing Twist on Natural Beverages

Ludhiana: 18th June 2023: (Karthika Singh//Health and Fitness Desk):: 

Hale Fermented Products, a ground breaking venture aimed at transforming our beverage choices from carbonated drinks to natural fermented alternatives. HALE stands for Health And Love for Everyone. The show showcased its grand range of fermented drinks and salads in the presence of esteemed industrialists, educationalists, medical professionals, and experts from various fields. This momentous event marked the beginning of a journey towards healthier and more sustainable drinking habits, spearheaded by seventeen-year-old entrepreneur Today marks a milestone in the world of healthy beverage choices as entrepreneur K.D. Dhruvin proudly reveals Hale Fermented Products, a revolutionary brand aimed at transforming our drinking habits from carbonated sodas to wholesome, natural fermented drinks. 

The function was graced by influential figures who recognize the importance of promoting wellness and conscious consumption in our society. Among the notable attendees were prominent industrialists, renowned educationalists, esteemed gastroenterologists, nephrologists, orthopedicians, dieticians, pediatricians, and urologists. Their presence underscored the significance of Hale Fermented Products in revolutionizing the beverage industry and the positive impact it can have on our overall well-being.

Recognizing the detrimental effects of carbonated beverages on our health and the environment, Dhruvin embarked on a mission to provide an alternative that would not only satisfy our taste buds but also nourish our bodies. After extensive research, experimentation, and unwavering determination, Dhruvin along with his mom Dr Ruchika Bansal has succeeded in creating a range of delicious, natural fermented drinks that are set to revolutionize the beverage industry.

The presence of medical professionals from various specialties at the inauguration emphasized the health advantages of Hale Fermented Products. Gastroenterologists highlighted the positive impact on digestive health, while nephrologists and urologists acknowledged the potential benefits for kidney function. Orthopedicians emphasized the role of proper nutrition in maintaining strong bones and joints, and dieticians highlighted the advantages of low-sugar, nutrient-rich options. Pediatricians expressed enthusiasm for introducing healthier alternatives to young consumers, promoting lifelong wellness habits.

Hale Fermented Products is on a mission to promote wellness, sustainability, and conscious consumption. The beverages offered by the brand are meticulously crafted using traditional fermentation techniques and the finest ingredients. By harnessing the power of fermentation, Hale Fermented Products unlock a multitude of health benefits, including improved gut health, increased nutrient absorption, and a boost to the immune system.

With options ranging from tangy fermented drinks and invigorating Kanjis to delightful probiotic salads, there is something for every palate. The brand has also taken great care to ensure that their drinks are accessible to all, with options catering to different dietary preferences such as vegan, gluten-free, and low-sugar.

Mentioning about Hale Fermented Products, Dhruvin stated, I am deeply honored to have such distinguished personalities here today, who share my commitment to promoting healthier choices. With Hale, we strive to provide refreshing, natural fermented drinks that not only tantalize the taste buds but also enhance our physical health and protect the environment. Together, we can bring about a paradigm shift in our drinking habits and inspire a generation to make conscious, sustainable choices.I believe it is time for a positive shift in our beverage choices. 

With Hale, we can enjoy refreshing drinks that not only taste great but also benefit our bodies and the planet. I am excited to introduce a healthier, more sustainable option that can become a part of our daily lives.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

PCTE organized Body Building Competition

 Wednesday 22nd February 2023 at 2:12 PM

'Body Building demands commitment & hard work regularly' says Dr. Prashar

: 22nd February 2023: (Health and Fitness Bureau)::

PCTE Group of Institutes organized the 13th Season of Body Building Competition and received a highly enthusiastic response by the students of various disciplines who participated in the Physical Fitness Competition.

Dr. Deepak Parashar, Mr. India 1938, IFBB Pro League International Judge, Owner of Libra Health Club, Mr. Ram Parashar, IFBB Pro League Regional Judge, Mr. Kirti Kumar, National power fitness Referee, were the honourable judges for the event and were delighted to see the dedication and the emphatic interest of the students in Body Building. 

Sujal from B.Com 2021 (B) was Adjudged as Mr. PCTE 2023. 

In the Heavy Weight Category, Nishant Kumar from B. Pharmacy 2019 batch stood first followed by Lovish from B.Com 2022 (B) & Rajnikant from BBA 2021 (C) who bagged the Second and Third position respectively. 

In the Middle Weight Category, Sehaj from BJMC 2022 batch stood first followed by Ritik Sood from BCA 2021 (B) & Arshdeep Singh from B.Sc Biotechnology 2021 who bagged the Second and Third position respectively. 

In Light Weight Category Sujal from B Com 2021 (B) bagged the first position followed by Mohit Sharma from B. Pharmacy 2021 (B) & Ayush Kumar Sharma from BBA 2021 (C) bagged the Second and Third position respectively.

Dr. Kapil Prashar, Dean Academics and the organiser, PCTE Group of Institutes congratulated the participants and was amazed to see the zeal of participants and said “We organize this event to encourage health consciousness among the youth.”

Dr. K N S Kang, Director General, PCTE Group of Institutes on the occasion said, “Body building is a rigorous discipline. It demands dedicated commitment and constant hard work on regular basis to win at a platform like this. We are elated to have the best body builders from the city at PCTE.”