Friday, April 4, 2014

Doctors’ circle criticized current MCI elections

Unfair practices feared and suspected
Ludhiana: 4th April 2014: (Health and Fitness Screen): 
A meeting of the Doctors’ circle was held where following resolution was passed regarding MCI Elections.

There is complete absence of spirit of democracy in the current MCI elections due to following reasons

1 The ballots are posted by ordinary posts and have not reached majority of voters, last date for ballots to reach back is 10th March so the postal delay to and fro is harming the election process.
2 It is feared and suspected that unfair practices are being carried out of collecting the ballots posted by ordinary post from the post offices and postmen.
3 The candidates are reported to be collecting the unfilled ballot papers from the voters by pressurizing them , this has taken out the important element of Secrecy from the process. When a candidate comes, sits in front face to face and demands that ballot paper be handed over to him it becomes very embarrassing for the voter to refuse a colleagues doctor.
4 Ballots are difficult to fill and require to be posted back by registered post so most of the doctors are either ignoring them or handing these over to the first candidate who approaches them.
Doctor’s Circle takes a serious note of this mockery of democracy for an important post which gives lot of power and responsibility to the elected person and demands that the elections be quashed and held again in a proper manner where the rights of the voting doctors be protected and a genuinely deserving person is elected without manipulation of votes. Doctors’ Circle condemns this mockery of democracy in educated doctor community which is expected to show the right path to the society.

Dr Iqbal Ahuja    Dr Satish Nauhria     Dr Narotam Dewan    Dr RP Singh

Monday, March 31, 2014

A new gym for Ludhiana residents

Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 2:26 PM
The Inauguration held by Jaswinder Bhalla
Ludhiana: 3rd April 2014: (Surjeet Singh//Healath and  Fitness Screen): 
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and in this competitive world people are not concentrating on their physical fitness. So for such people a gym ‘Heat Fitness’ was inaugurated in your city at Phullanwal, Pakhowal road, Ludhiana. Now, it will be helpful for people living in that area as there was no gym before. The Inauguration ceremony was done by Famous Punjabi Actor/ Comedian S. Jaswinder Bhalla.

it is good for the economy where youth instead of choosing drugs can look forward to improve their physical fitness. said Jaswinder Bhalla  “This Gym offers local residents an opportunity to work out every day with high – quality equipments at an affordable price and in a friendly environment.” Says Mr Bhalla. He also said that they encourage youth to come forward to build their physique as they organize many international bodybuilding competitions where people can win huge amount prizes. There are further many Sports where body builders can make their name and this is also a good effort to keep youth away from drugs.

            The new 4000 sq.Ft. gym offers a variety of convenient health and fitness options for the community. It is equipped with sophisticated equipment for perfect and safe range of motions, Best Technical Cardio Machines, bath rooms (which include steam and showers), etc. Danish Bir Singh and Surinder Pal Singh (Owners of the Gym) said that the gym also provides Zumba Dancing and Advance Aerobics Classes as the mission is to provide the best service in fitness community and industry. He further added that they are providing their members with branded equipments that are of Impulse(U.K) and Matrix (U.S.A). and have employed well experienced trainers to provide excellent service to their members.